Listen-Read-Watch: December 2014


As I ease back into writing more frequently here at Playdate Crashers, I figured an easy thing to do that would update you on my state of mind and being these days is to tell you what things I'm listening to, reading, and watching. I'm a big consumer … Continue Reading

A New Chapter

Miles and Charlotte's Web

I've been waiting for this for a long time and I'm so excited that it's here! I recently started reading chapter books with the boys (mostly Miles, 4.5). I love reading and while we've always read books with the boys, I've been waiting patiently … Continue Reading

Boarding the Bandwagon…One Decade Too Late

harry potter

*sigh* So I finished a book today. Well, actually seven books. I got into this series and couldn't stop or do anything else until I finished. The only problem is that it's the Harry Potter series and I finally read them about a decade after … Continue Reading

What are you reading?

I have a goal of reading 52 books this year, obviously an average of one per week. I'm currently well on my way, with 39 books under my proverbial belt and two others on my shelf from the library waiting to be read. I have always avoided books … Continue Reading


This post has nothing to do with parenting. No, wait!  If I say something like "Parenting is rough.  We all need to escape from the diapers and snotty noses sometimes." then it becomes a parenting post, right?? Aha!  See how clever I am? So … Continue Reading

StudyDog Review & Giveaway!

SD Head shot

We all know that moment with our kids when they "get it."  Their eyes light up, a connection is made, and you can see it all over them.  Whether it's finishing a new puzzle for the first time, figuring out how to put on their own socks, or having a … Continue Reading

Wish List: Starfall

Wish List: Starfall

My son is kinda nerdy.  Yeah, I know, he's only 3.  But I can tell, he's going to be like his parents.  Nerdy.  In a good way. Why do I say that?  Well, because he wants to spend most of his time on the computer or on one of our many … Continue Reading

Proving Us Wrong


It has been just over three months since I first posted about some concerns we had about our oldest son's development.  Since that first post, we have worried with fears that he was behind in speech and social aspects but thriving in more academic … Continue Reading

What Are You Reading?

I don't have a giveaway or a review for you today, but I do want a little discussion about what you're currently reading.  Maybe you're all caught up in a book series like I am, or perhaps you have an article to recommend.  Let's hear it! I'll … Continue Reading

What Are You Reading? (Plus A Review!)

Once again I want to ask our readers and listeners, what are YOU reading? Fiction? Non-fiction? Paper book or eBook? I received a copy of Beth Moore's Voices Of The Faithful devotional book through and I have been reading it … Continue Reading