Podcast #25: Reunions and Sleep Stuff


We discuss: - Thanksgiving - Christmas shopping - Jimmy Fallon's "Turkey Stuffing Song" - High School Reunions - The end of naptime for Miles? - Children rooming together - Teething pain and sleeping disruptions Please spread … Continue Reading

Happy Blog Birthday! – #24


Krista's son has a brief appearance at the beginning of the show, singing "Happy Birthday, cackers [crashers]!" We discuss the past year on the blog and podcast, reflecting on the emotions, frustrations, and joys of being The Playdate … Continue Reading

A Glass Full of Updates – #23


Jamie demonstrates her new SodaStream! More about the ABC Kids Expo here! Link from Shaina:  How the Breastfeeding Industry is Killing Breastfeeding O.R.E. Originals Trumpette Krista and Jamie discuss moving Post-Partum Depression … Continue Reading

ABC Kids Expo (Part 1) – #22


The Playdate Crashers are back! Jamie and Krista have returned from their hiatus (traveling, moving, and technical difficulties have all contributed to this little podcasting vacation) to bring you all the goodies from the ABC Kids Expo in … Continue Reading

Keeping House – #21

Spencer's Artwork

On this episode, Jamie and Krista catch up on Jamie's family travels, Jamie's baby boredom guilt, Krista's house hunting, and her youngest's destructive behavior. The Baby Whisperer's "Know Your Baby Quiz" The Baby Whisperer's "Know Your … Continue Reading

Emergency Preparedness – #20


It's our 20th Episode!!!  Thank you so much for your support in getting us here! The show starts off with a classic Playdate Crashers Podcast moment, Jamie and Krista discussing "Milkies" (from Episode #9: Breast Friends)! We discuss safety plans … Continue Reading

Baby Stuff – #19


We discuss... Baby Purchase Flops Jamie's car seat mirror post Once a flop, always a flop? Baby carriers (See the widget below for the carriers we talk about!) (Go, Baby, Go! Water Wraps) Awesome baby purchases Diaper bags What to do … Continue Reading

Discipline Discussions – #18


Parenting Chit Chat and talking about discipline! Books we've read and used Time Outs Defining our discipline styles Our discipline struggles Spanking To spread the word about our show, tell your friends about The Playdate Crashers … Continue Reading

Breastfeeding In The News – #17


Parenting Chit Chat - Dairy issues, walking toddlers, developmental fears, sleeping, and weaning from the pacifier Congratulations to the new parents and newly expecting parents in the playdate crashers family! We discuss breastfeeding in the … Continue Reading

Back For Seconds – #16


We discuss:  second opinions, tongue tie and frenotomies, Krista's hoarding tendencies, photo book plans, the Playdate Crashers Lexicon, Will's big fall, parenting differences the second time around, Jamie's plans to lose baby weight, and dinner … Continue Reading

Potty Time – #15

Episode 15 artwork

It's Potty Training Week for The Playdate Crashers! We discuss: Jamie's toddler adjusting to having brothers, Krista's son's upcoming first birthday, a hilarious baby poop story, potty training techniques and methods, and one crazy bottle … Continue Reading

Catching Up Is Fun To Do – #14


Breaking up may be hard to do, but catching up is fun to do, and that's exactly what we're doing on Episode #14!  Jamie shares about how she is adjusting to being a mom of three, with twin newborns and an 18 month old at home!  Krista tells about … Continue Reading

Moms @ Work (Part 3) – #13

This episode is Part 3 of a 3-Part series, Moms @ Work, all about Working Moms’ Issues! The week's show features an interview with WAHM Jen Maurer, the mom behind Serwa Chic, maker of cloth diapers, nursing covers, and long sleeve bibs!  Find out … Continue Reading

Moms @ Work (Part 2) – #12

This episode is Part 2 of a 3-Part series, Moms @ Work, all about Working Moms’ Issues! Our episode features an interview with Monica Wade, the preschool director at King's Christian Academy in Big Stone Gap, Virginia.  We know you will love this … Continue Reading

Moms @ Work (Part 1) – #11

This episode is Part 1 of a 3-Part series, Moms @ Work, all about Working Moms' Issues! This episode features an interview with Lindsey Simpkins, a working mother of a two year old named Gavin. We know you'll love her insights about being a … Continue Reading

Food For Tots – #10

Episode 10 Artwork

We discuss: - Starting solids:  When and how? - Jarred baby foods - Homemade baby foods Wholesome Baby Food Grinding Rice for Rice Cereal - Baby led weaning Baby Led Weaning - Transitioning to table food - Picky eaters - … Continue Reading

Breast Friends – #9

Episode 9 Artwork

We discuss: - What's new with The Playdate Crashers - Jamie's hospital bedrest - Krista's return from holiday travels and preparing for potty training - Why we each decided to breastfeed - Our personal breastfeeding stories:  Jamie & Will, … Continue Reading

Holiday Hangover – #8

Episode 8 Artwork

We discuss: - What's new? - Bad gifts! ReallyBadGift.com WhyDidYouGiveMeThat.com - Re-Gifting Re-Gifting Etiquette - Dirty Santa/Yankee Swap/White Elephant parties - New Years Plans and Resolutions - What's coming up for … Continue Reading

Baby It’s Cold Outside – #7

Episode 7 Artwork

We discuss: - Holiday Baking Award Winning Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies - Cookie fails - Cookie Exchange Parties:  quite possibly the greatest thing EVER - Nut Rolls and Monkey Bread - Weather chat - Cold weather frustrations and … Continue Reading

Holiday ChitChat – #6

Episode 6 Artwork

We discuss: - Jamie's crazy shopping trip to Toys R Us - Jamie's diaper disposal system update (Munchkin Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail for poopy diapers + Baby Trend Diaper Champ for wet diapers) - Sleep issues at Krista's house - Krista's … Continue Reading