Answering Your Disney Questions

Oh hi! *waves like a dork* It's been awhile, huh? Yeah, I've been the worst kind of blogger-slacker in the past year, the kind that says "Y'all I'm gonna change my ways and really get my act together" and then never does. So sorry 'bout that. I … Continue Reading

When I shop for rugs

Every.Time. … Continue Reading

Winter Storm? Meh.

For everyone who lives in a not-quite-Midwest and not-quite-The-South state like Kentucky, I give you this: We constantly get forecasts of apocalyptic snow and it NEVER HAPPENS. Gettin' real tired of your lies, meteorologists*. *Disclaimer:  I … Continue Reading

Recovery Stinks.

I have a lot I want to share with you, but then there's this: And the fact that my pain meds make me sooooooo very sleepy. I'm back at work, have been since Monday (4 days post-surgery), which I probably shouldn't be, but I am. So when I get … Continue Reading

Belated Movie Review: Beautiful Creatures

When Jamie and I were regularly podcasting, I joked that I should do a segment called "Krista's Ridiculously Outdated Movie Reviews." Many moms can identify with being unable to go to the movie theater to see new releases, and I'm no exception to … Continue Reading

Yo Gabba Gabba! Live! Get The Sillies Out! Show Review

Yesterday, my husband and I took our two boys, Miles (4) and Spencer (nearly 3), to Yo Gabba Gabba! Live! Get The Sillies Out!, the live show, at the Louisville Palace in Louisville, Kentucky. Having never taken our boys to a live show like this, I … Continue Reading

My Mac is Back!

I almost kissed a girl last night. It's a long story, let me back up. A little over a year ago, December 5th 2011 to be exact, we had a bit of an incident involving my Macbook, my then 3 year old Miles, and a cup of coffee. I'll never really … Continue Reading

Nap Snack

Parenting Math: 1 trip to see Santa + 1 midday trip to the grocery store - 1 regular nap = 4:30pm, sound asleep on the living room couch, mid-snack, with an arm stuck in the cracker box. To see more photos like … Continue Reading

A Letter for Santa

Here's something cute that happened yesterday when we took our boys to see Santa at Toyburg, our local toy store. Preschoolers are so adorably literal! … Continue Reading

Love at the Christmas Table

You all know I love writing about bad television and there's no better time for corny holiday made-for-TV movies than Christmas. Ahhhhh, I love 'em. Every week from now until Christmas, I'll share my thoughts on a ridiculous holiday movie. … Continue Reading

Boarding the Bandwagon…One Decade Too Late

*sigh* So I finished a book today. Well, actually seven books. I got into this series and couldn't stop or do anything else until I finished. The only problem is that it's the Harry Potter series and I finally read them about a decade after … Continue Reading

The Six Stages of a Child-Free Getaway

The Six Stages of a Child-Free Getaway

Over the weekend, my husband Brandon and I were able to escape travel without our two boys, Miles (4) and Spencer (2.5), and spent a few days in Asheville, NC while the boys had a great time at my parents' home in Tennessee. Though we have sent the … Continue Reading

Reviewed: Seduced By Lies

Seduced By Lies, starring Josie Davis (one of my favorite Lifetime crazies!) and Marc Menard Movie description from  A young woman goes back home after selling her internet company. She meets the perfect man and feels that her … Continue Reading

Siri & Me

5 Reasons My Husband Needs ME More Than Siri

So my husband just got an iPhone 5*. He received it yesterday after a long wait broken up by lots of checking and re-checking the order status and updates from him on the whereabouts of the phone. He was eager to begin using his new phone, an … Continue Reading

An episode recap 19 years in the making!

Series:  Beverly Hills, 90210 Episode Title:  "Twenty Years Ago Today"  Originally Aired:  10/27/1993 (OH MY GOSH...Almost "20 years ago today". Now how old do you feel??), Season 4 "Brandon meets an attractive grad student; Andrea doubts … Continue Reading

Reviewed: Cyberstalker

I interrupt my regularly-scheduled programming for something a little bit different. You see, I have an inexplicable affection for terrible Lifetime movies and other bad television. In fact, if you follow me on Twitter, my afternoon Tweets (during … Continue Reading

Children amaze me.

Moms, can you relate?

I cannot be the only one who experiences this phenomenon. How do they know from the other side of the house that I've just settled down for three minutes to eat my lunch? And then the near-opposite is true as well... HOW??  How do … Continue Reading


This post has nothing to do with parenting. No, wait!  If I say something like "Parenting is rough.  We all need to escape from the diapers and snotty noses sometimes." then it becomes a parenting post, right?? Aha!  See how clever I am? So … Continue Reading

The Hunger Games Party Wrap-Up!

I wouldn't be a very good blogger if I didn't follow up on the Hunger Games party that my friend Arielle planned and hosted at her home on Friday, March 23rd, the opening day of The Hunger Games film.  I know you've all been waiting on the edge of … Continue Reading

Krista’s Hunger Games Review!

I couldn't do it.  The plan was that on Friday evening, my husband and I would go to my friend Arielle's Hunger Games party and then see the movie on Friday night.  But that would mean waiting 22 hours after the opening to see the movie I've been so … Continue Reading