Product Reviews

Though product reviews are not the focus of the blog, I am delighted to host product reviews and giveaways! I love to tell my friends and readers about the latest and greatest.  My readers trust my word and opinion.  Please review our policies (below form) before contacting us to arrange a product review and/or giveaway.

Use form to contact or just email me at !

Review & Giveaway Policies

  • Product reviews will only be done when a sample is provided.
  • Second product samples are requested, but not required, for giveaways to my readers.
  • Samples will not be returned.
  • Optional single-post ad placement is offered free of charge for companies providing samples for review and/or giveaways (Please ask when discussing reviews/giveaways).
  • Negative reviews will not be posted.  In the rare event that I feel that I cannot give a positive review of a product, the company will be contacted.
  • There are no guarantees that I will review unsolicited items.  Please contact me directly to arrange for reviews and/or giveaways.

Please  for our Media Kit which contains information about our traffic numbers, advertising rates, and our review policies.

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