Book Review: The Adventures of Camp Nana Papa


There are some things in life you should never take for granted. Hot showers, indoor plumbing, smartphones, and Trader Joe's Cookie Butter, to name a few. But more importantly are the relationships that you should value with everything you … Continue Reading

Book Review: Wally Wuzzlemoore Makes New Friends


As a child, I was painfully shy. Just the thought of having to speak to a stranger was enough to make me cry. Not only was this difficult for me in general, we also moved several times when I was a child. Making new friends was NOT easy for me, and I … Continue Reading

Summer Reading Wrap-Up

Goodreads is taunting me. Every time I log on to update my current books I'm reading, it tells me how behind I am on my goal of reading 100 books in 2013. I'm at 42 of 100 right now, so I'm a mere 22 books behind schedule. Oops. Anyway, since a … Continue Reading

“Sam in the Trees” Review & Giveaway

Sam in the Trees

One of my favorite things to do with my boys is snuggle together in bed and read a good book. Whether it's a favorite board book with mostly pictures or a longer chapter book, reading together is something we love to do, especially my oldest, Miles, … Continue Reading

Totlandia: The Onesies


A book about playdates? Yes. Consider me there. Totlandia is a short fiction novel series about the exclusive Pacific Heights Moms & Tots Club, a group with a waiting list and very selective criteria for inclusion. The Onesies books follow the … Continue Reading

After The Ending

After The Ending

I have a quick book review to get to y'all today. Why so quick? Because I've got to hurry and get to work AND because this book is FREE on Kindle this weekend (3/15/13 - 3/17/13) so if you like what I have to say, you're gonna want to snatch it up … Continue Reading

Upcoming Novels To Check Out

If I'm not here, I'm working, playing Candy Crush, or reading. I've been reading so many fantastic books and today I want to share with you two new releases that I think you'll love! Dualed by Elsie Chapman I was drawn to this book from the … Continue Reading

A New Chapter

Miles and Charlotte's Web

I've been waiting for this for a long time and I'm so excited that it's here! I recently started reading chapter books with the boys (mostly Miles, 4.5). I love reading and while we've always read books with the boys, I've been waiting patiently … Continue Reading

Excerpts from the Heart of a Mom

Excerpts from the Heart of a Mom by Jennifer Laurent

So many parenting books focus on specific things you must do or must not do in order to raise a healthy, well-adjusted child. While those tips can be helpful, sometimes life doesn't go according to plan. It's important that parents center themselves … Continue Reading

Boarding the Bandwagon…One Decade Too Late

harry potter

*sigh* So I finished a book today. Well, actually seven books. I got into this series and couldn't stop or do anything else until I finished. The only problem is that it's the Harry Potter series and I finally read them about a decade after … Continue Reading

I Ate All Your Cookies (and Other Things You Wish You Could Tell Your Kids) – Book Review

I Ate All Your Cookies Cover Art 001 (1)

There are some things you just can't say to your kids, no matter how badly you want to say them. I Ate All Your Cookies (and Other Things You Wish You Could Tell Your Kids) is a hilarious parenting book by Quinn Conroy that will make you laugh while … Continue Reading

What are you reading?

I have a goal of reading 52 books this year, obviously an average of one per week. I'm currently well on my way, with 39 books under my proverbial belt and two others on my shelf from the library waiting to be read. I have always avoided books … Continue Reading

Book Review & Giveaway!

Check out how ear-marked and note-filled my copy is!

Our friend Bonnie, who blogs at The Mommyhood Trenches, is sharing her book review and hosting a giveaway of the book here with The Playdate Crashers! Enjoy and good luck! A few months ago, MOPS posted on their Facebook page an opportunity to join … Continue Reading


This post has nothing to do with parenting. No, wait!  If I say something like "Parenting is rough.  We all need to escape from the diapers and snotty noses sometimes." then it becomes a parenting post, right?? Aha!  See how clever I am? So … Continue Reading

A Hunger Games Party!


I'm not going to lie.  I'm kind of a nerd.  I did far too much reading and not enough socializing growing up, which is probably why I spend my day behind a screen instead of dealing with actual people.  But anyway, my friend Arielle told me I should … Continue Reading

Product Review: The Velveteen Bible


My oldest son, who is almost three, loves Bibles.  He has at least four and he sleeps with one every night.  Naturally when I saw that was offering a Bible for review, I jumped at the chance to add another Bible to his collection.  The … Continue Reading

What Are You Reading?

I don't have a giveaway or a review for you today, but I do want a little discussion about what you're currently reading.  Maybe you're all caught up in a book series like I am, or perhaps you have an article to recommend.  Let's hear it! I'll … Continue Reading

Discipline Discussions – #18


Parenting Chit Chat and talking about discipline! Books we've read and used Time Outs Defining our discipline styles Our discipline struggles Spanking To spread the word about our show, tell your friends about The Playdate Crashers … Continue Reading

Product Review: Lamaze Books


Most people know that reading to their children is important.  What many people don't know is that even when your children are babies, they can benefit a great deal from regular reading with their parents.  Even at very young ages, children can learn … Continue Reading

What Are You Reading?

I don't have an official book review for you today, but I would love to hear what you've been reading! Tell us in the comments below! … Continue Reading