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Child draws mommy like a surfboard

My 3 year old, Spencer, is in Preschool this year. Unlike his big brother, he has ZERO interest in learning his alphabet, numbers, or colors or anything. But he IS learning, whether he likes it or not, and one thing he has learned to do is color … Continue Reading

Now what?

I've had a blog in some form or another for a very long time.  It has always been a fun outlet to get stuff "out there" that I'm thinking.  And now that Jamie and I have this blog that people actually read (who'd a thunk it?!), in addition to doing … Continue Reading

Octonauts Party Time! (Part 2)


I'm back with more from Spencer's Octonauts party!  If you want to read about the decorations and food we had, start with Part 1! Also, please check out my Octonauts Halloween Costumes post! The Party Our party started at noon and here's … Continue Reading

Octonauts Party Time! (Part 1)

Spencer Birthday

My boys are Octonauts NUTS.  They can't get enough of this new show on Disney Junior and even though Miles has already requested an Octonauts birthday party for his big day in July, I decided to go ahead and do this theme for Spencer's 2nd birthday.  … Continue Reading

Re:Crashed – Spencer’s Birth Story

Re:Crashed – Spencer’s Birth Story

I love to revisit my boys' birth stories on their birthdays, so I'm sharing Spencer's birth story today on his second birthday!  Enjoy! On Friday night on Feb. 26 2010, I started having regular contractions about 7 minutes apart  before bed. I … Continue Reading