Review: Plackers Dual Grip Fruit Smoothie Swirl Flossers

We all want to do everything we can to keep our kids safe, happy, and healthy. While we, as parents, understand the importance of dental health, our kids are typically reluctant (to say the least!) to develop good dental hygiene practices.

Here’s how the conversation usually goes at our house:

Me:  “Okay Miles, it’s time for you to shower! Be sure to brush your teeth before you come out of the bathroom!”

Miles:  *grumbles* “I don’t wanna brush my teeth.”

Me:  “It’s important that you brush your teeth! Brushing your teeth keeps your mouth clean and your breath nice and fresh!”

Miles:  “…Okay.”

*Miles showers*

Me:  “Did you brush your teeth?”

Miles:  “………………………………….”

Me:  *sighs, points to the bathroom* “Back in there.”

Repeat ad nauseum

And that’s just one of them! There’s at least one other kid in our house at any time who “doesn’t wanna”

Plackers Flossers and Plackers Flosser Friend

Plackers Flossers and Plackers Flosser Friend

brush their teeth. So yeah, dental hygiene is a touchy subject in our house, especially after Miles, our 7 year old, had to have several cavities filled recently.

We were given the opportunity to try Plackers Dual Grip Fruit Smoothie Flossers for kids, a new product with your kids’ oral health in mind!

Introducing new kids flossers from Plackers. The new Plackers flossers are designed to promote healthy oral habits for kids—not an easy task. Our new kids flossers feature a dual grip handle and angled head to make it easy to use for different ages, and the “Hi-tech” floss cleans more tooth surface. Check out the new Plackers “Flosser Friend“.

  • Reduces tooth decay and promotes healthier gums

  • Removes plaque and food

  • Provides fluoride

  • Fruit Smoothie Swirl flavor

  • BPA Free

  • Available in 75 count

The boys allowed me to help them floss their teeth and though they were cautious of this colorful contraption, they were pleasantly surprised! “It doesn’t hurt!” they said! And “Oh! It tastes yummy!” Indeed it does – don’t just take their word for it, I tried them myself and they certainly do taste yummy! The Fruit Smoothie flossers have a subtle fruit taste to them that really leaves your mouth feeling clean and fresh.

Spencer tries Plackers Flossers for kids

Spencer tries Plackers Flossers for kids

Spencer tries Plackers Flossers for kids

Spencer tries Plackers Flossers for kids

But the good people at Plackers don’t just want moms and dads to floss their kids’ teeth, they want kids to learn how to floss as well! Here’s a great video about how to get your kids to floss:

With Plackers Dual Grip Fruit Smoothie Swirl Flossers for kids, my kids are on the road to better oral health! Pick some up wherever you buy dental products – packs of 75 are at a great price, and teaching your kids healthy habits is an investment I can get behind!

Plackers Flossers for Kids

Plackers Flossers for Kids

To make things even more fun and convenient, check out the Plackers Flosser Friend, which stores your Plackers Flossers in a clean, adorable container in your bathroom. Having the flossers available for your kids in a visible location will help remind them to floss regularly (so you don’t have to nag!).

Disclosure:  This is a paid review post. I was compensated for this post and received complimentary product to facilitate my review.

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