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Independence is a TOUGH thing to teach your kids! Early on in your kids’ lives, whether or not you realize it’s happening, parents start teaching their kids to do for themselves. We teach our kids to go to sleep unassisted, to feed themselves, and then to use the bathroom independently. Before you know it, they’re learning to button their shirts and then…it’s time to learn to TIE THEIR SHOES!

I’m not going to lie, moms. I have been both dreading this day and looking forward to it. I LOVE the idea of my kids being able to tie their own shoes. I LOVE helping them move toward independence. But OH MY GOSH, what a frustrating process! They’re annoyed, you’re exasperated, and they just can’t get their little fingers to do what must be done!

That is, it was super frustrating UNTIL we discovered EZLeaps! EZLeaps is a tool to help kids learn to tie their shoes and we got the opportunity to try it out for ourselves! Instead of me trying to describe the process, here’s a little video about how it works:

So unlike other products that delay the inevitable by giving your child an excuse to not tie their shoes, EZLeaps actually makes the process SIMPLE for your kids and helps them by keeping the shoelaces separated and accessible. (See the steps broken down in individual photos and instructions here)

EZLeaps3My boys are very different from one another. One is super independent; the other is not. One figures things out really easily by himself; the other lacks confidence and won’t try new skills until he feels sure of himself. One also has underdeveloped fine motor skills and has struggled to learn to hold a pencil correctly, among other things.

Our 4 year old isn’t quite ready to learn to tie his shoes (but he is determined to do it before starting Kindergarten next fall!), but our six year old IS ready! Unfortunately, he is also the one who has a difficult time with fine motors, so I was anxious to try EZLeaps with him. He was so hesitant to even try, but EZLeaps really made it fun for him!


We watched the video (above) and he seemed excited to give it a try. I can’t say he is the master of his sneakers yet, but he is definitely getting close! He actually “gets” what he’s trying to do because EZLeaps has made it simpler and easier to see for him.


When he does become a shoe-tying pro, we’ll fill out the CONGRATULATIONS! certificate included with our EZLeaps so he’ll know how proud we are of his accomplishment!

EZLeaps is a wonderful product for moms, teachers, and child care workers who are ready for their kids or students to learn this important skill of independence! At $5.49 each (or as low as $3.99 each in quantities of 25+), they’re a great value! I could see teachers asking their students’ parents to chip in a few dollars to get an EZLeaps for each student in a classroom so that they can all learn together. They come in adorable colors and prints — with unicorns and soccer balls and everything in between, there’s something for everyone!

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Disclosure:  EZLeaps sent me two complimentary EZLeaps products to facilitate my review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I paid for this post.

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