Radical Interpretation

Child draws mommy like a surfboard

My 3 year old, Spencer, is in Preschool this year. Unlike his big brother, he has ZERO interest in learning his alphabet, numbers, or colors or anything. But he IS learning, whether he likes it or not, and one thing he has learned to do is color … Continue Reading

Easier Days with Easy Daysies!

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Mornings with kids can be hectic. Wait, I take that back. THE ENTIRE DAY can be hectic with kids. Everyone has places to be, things to do, and it's a lot to remember. Not only do you have to remember it, but you have to get your kids to go along … Continue Reading

Back To School Guilt Trip

Back to School Night

Tonight is Back To School Eve at our house! Yes, we do start school a lot earlier around here than most school districts, which means if you live in one of those later-starting areas, this post should serve as my warning or reminder to you -- … Continue Reading

The AppCrayon is a must-have iPad accessory for preschoolers!


I am so excited to tell you about the AppCrayon by DanoToys! My almost-5 year old had so much trouble learning to hold his crayon and pencil correctly when he started preschool last year. It was a battle that waged all year, but I am happy to report … Continue Reading

Grip It! Grip It Good!


It didn't take long to get our first "Your child needs to work on ______" conversation at our son's preschool. He's a great kid, kinda silly and wild at times, but sweet, funny, and is already reading. He has never been interested in writing, … Continue Reading

My Little Preschooler


You thought you were in the clear, didn't you? You thought you were going to get away with not seeing a huge post about my son's first day of school. Well you were wrong :D I'm going to give you a spoiler alert right now...We made it! He loved it … Continue Reading

Preschool is a big deal

Comfort Heart for the first day of school

My life is about to change pretty drastically.  I don't mean to be all dramatic about it, but it's true.  Beginning this Friday, my oldest, Miles, will begin attending preschool three half-days a week. It's just now beginning to hit me … Continue Reading

Whew! We made it!


Around 2:45pm EST today you may have heard my heart beating rapidly.  Miles and I were at the pediatrician's office, awaiting the return of the nurses.  He'd already had his checkup, charmed the socks off of his doctor, and got all of his stats … Continue Reading

The real reason I’m dreading the beginning of school


Miles starts school this month.  I haven't written too much about it, save for a post about his desire for a Toy Story backpack, partially because writing about it means thinking about it and thinking about it means admitting that he is growing up … Continue Reading

An Argument with my Former Self


Before having kids, I had a lot of ideas about how I would parent.  I pictured rocking my cuddly babies to sleep every night, humming lullabies for hours without tiring of it, and being constantly delighted by their playful messes.  Somehow, my … Continue Reading

Guest Post: Back To School


Today we have the final post in our Back To School series!  We hope you've enjoyed it and we know you'll love this post by Jen! Can I just be honest here? We're all a bunch of Moms, right? And we're all a bunch of Moms who are reading a blog that is … Continue Reading

Moms @ Work (Part 2) – #12

This episode is Part 2 of a 3-Part series, Moms @ Work, all about Working Moms’ Issues! Our episode features an interview with Monica Wade, the preschool director at King's Christian Academy in Big Stone Gap, Virginia.  We know you will love this … Continue Reading