Entertain in style with products from Trudeau!

Trudeau Products for Summer Entertaining!

Ahhhhhhh, summer. If school isn't out where you are yet, you're about to feel it. The sweet, lazy days of summer. Even if you'll be working and going to the office all summer like I am, there's just something about summer. Those longer days mean more … Continue Reading

Cookie Sheet Travel Fun

Ways to Use a $1.00 Cookie Sheet for Hours of Travel Fun! at playdatecrashers.com

Long car trips with kids SUCK. There's no other way to put it. They just suck. When we go to visit family, it's at least a 5-6 hour drive, or close to 12 when we vacation at the beach. Our boys are 4.5 and 3, so they need a lot of entertaining … Continue Reading

Octonauts Halloween Costumes

DIY Octonauts Costumes

It's been almost 10 months since the Octonauts entered our family's lives and my boys are still absolutely bananas over those loveable little deep sea explorers! We've already had one Octonauts-themed birthday party and if the obsession continues, we … Continue Reading

Tub Toy Tip

Tub Toy Tip

Those darn little rubber duckies.  They're a deceptive bunch.  They look so cute and fun for your kids, but don't be fooled -- them suckers are NASTY.  Don't believe me?  Check out this Today Show video about the yuckiness lurking in your … Continue Reading

A Hunger Games Party!


I'm not going to lie.  I'm kind of a nerd.  I did far too much reading and not enough socializing growing up, which is probably why I spend my day behind a screen instead of dealing with actual people.  But anyway, my friend Arielle told me I should … Continue Reading

Octonauts Party Time! (Part 1)

Spencer Birthday

My boys are Octonauts NUTS.  They can't get enough of this new show on Disney Junior and even though Miles has already requested an Octonauts birthday party for his big day in July, I decided to go ahead and do this theme for Spencer's 2nd birthday.  … Continue Reading

Review: Roots Company


What do a root, an algae, and a mushroom have in common? Roots Company! These three power players have been combined by Roots Company in the Journey Kit to help keep health a priority by be quick and convenient. The Journey Kit contains Maca, a … Continue Reading

Boba 3G Video Review


If you saw my previous baby carrier review, which included carriers from both Boba and Beco, you know that I ended up purchasing the Boba 2G and absolutely love it!  We've used it everywhere -- the park, the wildlife reserve, the aquarium, walking … Continue Reading

7 Sanity Savers for Moms of Multiples


When we were at the ABC Kids Expo in September I saw several awesome products that I wanted to share with those of you who are mothers of multiples. Even if you may not be a mother to twins or more, some of the items in this list may be of interest … Continue Reading

Product Review: Aqueduck


How many times a day should your child wash their hands? Now how many times a day does your child actually wash their hands? I'm guessing those numbers aren't the same, if your home is anything like mine.  Part of the problem with getting … Continue Reading

Just Because I Can… a Lesson in Parenthood Efficiency


A couple weeks ago, I experimented with an event that can best be described as Super Bath. Bathing three kids every night is time consuming and hard, doing it when your flying solo for the evening - crazy. Usually I would just forget about it and … Continue Reading

No More Lonely Parenting

WOMAN WITH LAPTOP © Ongap | Dreamstime.com

It’s funny how the minute you discover a pregnancy for the first time, you immediately think of a thousand questions about your new condition.  There is suddenly a new world of possibilities you may have considered but have never applied to you as … Continue Reading