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Jamie is a creative-techie mom, raising three boys under three (twins!) with her husband in Pennsylvania. Jamie now writes at The Red Robinson, www.theredrobinson.com

Jamie Says Goodbye

I always imagined that when the babies got a little older, it would be easier to find time to write. But the reality is now that they are toddlers, things have been pretty stressful at my house.  I have felt like something has needed to give for … Continue Reading

Our Trip to Williamsburg with Toddlers

2012-08-08 18.26.52

Alex and I were blessed to get to spend a week in Williamsburg, Va with his family at the Greensprings Plantation Resort. Traveling with young kids is challenging. Why would you not want to pack up all of your kid gear and do pretty much everything … Continue Reading

Bumbo Seat Recall and Alternative

Cole in his Bumbo

I was pretty surprised to find out that Bumbo recalled their seats this morning (8/15/2012). We used Bumbo seats with all three of our little guys and never ran into any problems. We were very careful to use the seat as directed by not placing it up … Continue Reading

Jamie’s Blogher ’12 Recap: Part 1


Wow! What an awesome weekend at Blogher '12. Like Krista said in her post, I too am coming off an Estrogen overdose from being around 5,000 women at one time. I was quite surprised at how often the tears started to flow and would catch me off guard … Continue Reading

Nervous Excitement Often Leads to Good Things


I am so excited to be joining Krista tomorrow as we board an Amtrak train bound for Blogher '12 in NYC. It's hard to believe that we've been friends for over 10 years now. I remember when we first met. The summer before my senior year of high … Continue Reading

and THIS is me.


Hi! I'm Jamie, the other blogger at playdate crashers.com. The past couple weeks I've been prepping for our big trip to Blogher '12 in New York. Some bloggers (Including Krista) that are going to this conference are doing a posts about themselves as … Continue Reading

Comics and Kids: Why we Love Super Heroes


Believe it or not, my father-in-law is a blogger. Not only is he a blogger, but an excellent writer. His most recent book, Superman On Earth, tells how he fulfilled his childhood dream of wanting to be Superman.  Part of his epic legacy passed on to … Continue Reading

Twinneroo Review & Twin Diaper Bag Packing Tips

Twin diaper bag 2

In my life as a mother of multiples there have been three major areas which I have struggled to find the perfect fit for our family: strollers, carriers, and diaper bags. I recently had the opportunity to review the new Twinneroo Twin Diaper Bag … Continue Reading

Reclaiming My Style

It's been a little while since I have felt stylish or seen myself as a fashionable person. Every once in a while, I would discover something that had a perfect fit. I remember a great pair of 1969 wide leg jeans I found at the gap a few years ago and … Continue Reading

Grad School Survival Tips for Families


Last month we traveled back to Tennessee to see my husband graduate from Seminary. Four years ago, we left our jobs in Indiana to work on getting Masters degrees. It only took me one semester to figure out I would rather be working on a MOM degree … Continue Reading

7 tips to help young children learn to sing

Jamie (right) singing at a recording studio in Nashville with her fellow college choir members.

I am not sure if I have revealed this on our blog yet or not, but I was a music major in college. I have loved singing since I was a small child. I grew up in a musical family so it was only natural for me to follow in the same direction. Once my … Continue Reading

Thyroid after baby

Weaning is such a big decision. For a month or so I felt like we were almost done nursing, but there would be days when I could tell they weren't ready yet. I can't really tell you how we stopped, it just kinda happened. I am totally ready for it. … Continue Reading

Dis(pin)trested…why I chose to delete my Pinterest account

Pinterest Balloon Busted

Several of you reading this are probably thinking how ridiculous I am for deleting my Pinterest account. Yes, Pinterest at its core is a great concept and awesome for blogging. When I first accepted the invitation to join, I thought it would be a … Continue Reading

The Family Dog


Alex and I had been married for a couple of years. We enjoyed our alone together as newly weds, but when Alex's work schedule kept him away the house seemed empty. And then it struck... puppy fever. The first time I saw her red hair, I knew she … Continue Reading

No More Cable TV: Our Internet TV Setup


Less than six months ago, my husband and I found ourselves in an all too common scenario. We signed up for DirectTV at a great promotional price, knowing that it would the costs would double the next year. We moved in January and decided that we were … Continue Reading

Kinderwagon Hop: Double Stroller Review


This Kinderwagon Hop double stroller review was written out of my own admiration for the product which I purchased myself.  Let's face it, there are not a whole lot of options when it comes to strollers for two or more. Since my twins were born we … Continue Reading

The force is strong in this one

He just can't help himself

I am not sure if there is a genetic predisposition for this or not, but I am starting to notice a family trend with biting. Times it by two and we've got an all out war with gnashing of teeth. Lately one of our babies, Luke, has started to bite … Continue Reading

Double Trouble: Twin Toddlerhood


We are at the edge of our twin boys entering into toddlerhood. Last night they were both experimenting with small toddles between their dad and me. The ability to walk has been the one thing that kept them as babies in my mind. Yesterday I was … Continue Reading

Thank you for the laughs, Mr. Universe

Thank you for the laughs, Mr. Universe

I would be lying if I didn't tell you that things were not straight up crazy around here most of the time. Parenting is a tough business, and sometimes the best cure for all that stress is laughter! That is why I was so excited to discover comedian … Continue Reading

My Happy Accident: Chocolate Peanut Butter Greek Yogurt Dip

Chocolate Peanut Butter Yogurt Dip

Every now and then, it seems I have a happy accident in the kitchen. Today's happy accident needed to be shared immediately because it was so good! We've been rocking Greek yogurt in our house for a while now. I love it because it has a bazillion … Continue Reading