Foster Parenting Update

Worst blogger ever, that’s me. Guys, life is busy! But I’m not alone in that, you all are super busy too.

But in between working full time, parenting four kids, plus all the extras that come with foster parenting (extra doctor’s appointments, therapist’s appointments, phone calls, visits, etc.) coming up with time to write has been The Impossible Dream. And to make it even worse, I’m going back to school in August to [finally!] finish my MSW!

Okay, so the long story short is that we got our first “real” placement on May 6, 2015. They’ve been with us for over 7 months now! It has been a wild roller coaster, but we really love these kids. Due to confidentiality, I can’t say much more than this, but one of the girls will be leaving our home next week, before Christmas. There’s no problem, this is a good and happy thing for her, but it’s complicated due to family dynamics. We’re thrilled for her, but sad for her half-siblings that she is leaving behind. I have lots more I could say, but…ya know…#fostercare.

We are finishing up all the pieces of paperwork for our recertification with our agency this week. We totally slacked on our training hours during the first part of the year when we didn’t have a placement, but we managed to pull it together in time.

As I reflect on 2015 (as you do, in December), I’m so grateful for our family and friends who have loved our kiddos like they’ve been with us forever. They’ve gone through background checks and paperwork, have sacrificed by drying tears and calming tantrums, and they’ve shown Jesus to our family in numerous ways. THANK YOU for loving as He does. Looking ahead, who knows what’s in store for our family? We just know that this is His plan for us and He is blessing us in amazing ways.

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