No More Trash Bags in Foster Care!

TrashBagsAreNotLuggage Our family has some amazing people in our lives! One person I’d like to tell you about today is Tracy. She read on my Amazon Wish List this quote about kids in foster care:

In the world of foster care moves can happen quick…Often a trash bag ends up being the easiest way to pack and move in a hurry. What does that say to a child? (source:  Young Single and Adopting)

And after Tracy read that, she did something about it and bought two suitcases and two duffel bags (among other gifts!) and they were delivered to our house this week! The children who come to us in foster care might come to us with trash bags full of their belongings, but they will not leave with a trash bag!


Photo Jan 29, 9 19 51 PM

If you have suitcases or duffel bags in your home that are in great condition, please consider donating them to local foster care or children’s services agencies in your community! After checking into it, I found out that our agency has a nice stockpile currently but they will be doing another luggage drive in the late spring and I’m excited to help them raise awareness for that!

I don’t have much in the way of updates for you today. We are still waiting for a phone call or an email about A that will either continue our wait for her or open up our home to other placements. In the meantime, I’ve begun binge-listening to The Foster Parenting Podcast, which is an excellent resource for people just starting out or considering foster parenting!

Foster Parenting Podcast

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  1. Great visual for a great cause! Next month I’m doing a donation drive for a local nonprofit that collects backpacks (and contents) for youth in foster care. Mind if I borrow the concept of this graphic for some of our signs and outreach materials?

  2. @Katherine – I don’t mind at all! Best of luck with your donation drive!

  3. Kristin Jonakin says:

    I am currently trying to start a fundraiser for duffle bags with necessities for foster children. Would I be able to use your graphic?

  4. @Kristin – Absolutely!

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