How many PointsPlus Values is crow?

This is me, last month:


This is me, 7 years ago after reaching my Lifetime goal with Weight Watchers:


This is me now, eating crow and crawling back to Weight Watchers.

Losing 56 lbs. on Weight Watchers was the healthiest I’ve ever been and I want to be back there. Due to time and schedule issues, I’ll be doing Weight Watchers Online, though I know how important support through meetings is. I was a Weight Watchers leader for heavens sake. I know the program works and I know it’s possible for me to look and feel good again.

So…Here we go :)


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Krista is a full-time working mom of two boys, currently ages 4.5 and 3. She lives in Kentucky with her husband, Brandon.


  1. Krista — I started WW Online in May and have lost 13 pounds so far. It’s awesome…which I’m sure you know! Your history with WW was one of the reasons that finally got me started on it. I’ll be on this journey with you, girl! Stay motivated!

  2. I’m with you on this. Started today counting points and tracking. Lets be WW buddies.

  3. You can do it, Krista! You’re brave to share with everyone that you’re starting this journey!

  4. Marlene Kehrer says:

    Proud of you honey!!! Sorry I passed on the tendency to carry extra pounds! But I think I also passed on a strong determination to achieve goals set for yourself. I have about 20 more lb, I want to lose, so we are in the battle together!

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