My Simple Trick for Disorganized, Forgetful Kids

My simple trick for disorganized and forgetful kids (especially kids in foster care)

The girls have been with us for almost three months. But if you ask them, they might say they've been here for 3 weeks. Or 9 months. They aren't sure. They have a lot of trouble keeping track of time - days, minutes, hours. They're constantly asking … Continue Reading

Review: COOLIT

Review: COOLIT

Tell me if this sounds familiar, parents: You make a meal for your child, but because most foods have to be heated, it's too hot for your precious child's plate! Those chicken nuggets are now as hot as burning embers! That macaroni and cheese … Continue Reading

Closet Sanity Saver


I think I need to do some kind of "stupid simple" series or just category or posts with crazily simple and free or cheap tips that have helped me keep my sanity.  I've shared a few of them before, including using an additional clear shower curtain … Continue Reading

Tub Toy Tip

Tub Toy Tip

Those darn little rubber duckies.  They're a deceptive bunch.  They look so cute and fun for your kids, but don't be fooled -- them suckers are NASTY.  Don't believe me?  Check out this Today Show video about the yuckiness lurking in your … Continue Reading

Baby It’s Cold Outside – #7

Episode 7 Artwork

We discuss: - Holiday Baking Award Winning Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies - Cookie fails - Cookie Exchange Parties:  quite possibly the greatest thing EVER - Nut Rolls and Monkey Bread - Weather chat - Cold weather frustrations and … Continue Reading

Travel Tips – #4

Episode 4 Artwork

Jamie and Krista record in the same room! We discuss: Packing for travel with kids Car and plane travel tips Dealing with schedule disruptions How to make the most of your trip Products mentioned: Fisher Price Healthy Care … Continue Reading