Octonauts Pumpkins!

Octonauts Pumpkins

I've never been an over-achiever when it comes to pumpkin carving. There are some AMAZING photos of RIDICULOUSLY incredible pumpkin carvings on the Internet and every year I'm amazed by the photos of my friends' pumpkins. Me? We've always been more … Continue Reading

Fall Break


On Monday morning, I had to break the news to Miles. "Sorry buddy, no school today. It's Fall Break!" He sighed and looked confused. "I don't like Fall Break. I want to go to school...How many more sleeps 'til I go back to school?" He had a nice day … Continue Reading

New special from Mabel’s Labels!


Happy Halloween! Don't let this fabulous offer from Mabel's Labels scare you! From now until 10/19/12 10/26/12 (or while supplies last) Mabel's Labels is offering a $3 off coupon for Allergy Alert labels, with all Halloween Loot Bag … Continue Reading

Octonauts Halloween Costumes

DIY Octonauts Costumes

It's been almost 10 months since the Octonauts entered our family's lives and my boys are still absolutely bananas over those loveable little deep sea explorers! We've already had one Octonauts-themed birthday party and if the obsession continues, we … Continue Reading

Reese’s Cup S’mores


It is currently 3 days post-Halloween and there are still a handful of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups in the candy stash.  Not only did my son get several when he went Trick or Treating, but we also got a small bag to give out at our house.  But not a … Continue Reading

My love/hate relationship with Halloween


What I love about Halloween: It's fun to dress up in costumes. It's even more fun to dream up said costume and put it together as creatively as possible. And little kids in costumes are just down right adorable (most of the time). I love the … Continue Reading

Homemade Halloween

Miles The Mouse

If you read my post about Halloween costumes last week, this post might be surprising.  (Or not, I don't know.  If it were me, I'd be surprised...but I'm not the boss.) Over the weekend, I had one of my flurries of creativity and was suddenly … Continue Reading

Halloween Costumes: To Make or Buy?


Let's talk about Halloween costumes, shall we? We all know that I'm so uncrafty it hurts, right?  Yes.  Good.  (Don't be fooled by my tutorial posts, they're so easy a monkey could do them.)  Well, even though I'm a disaster with scissors, every … Continue Reading