Foster Parenting Wall

So my husband is pretty awesome, and I need to show you my Christmas present. Brandon saw that I liked a foster care quote wall hanging, and he knew I wanted a special way to remember the kids who come through our house, so he made this from a wooden pallet:


A few months ago he interviewed me on stage during a sermon. The interview was about foster care and saying Yes to God. I used this quote in the interview.

Now here’s the extra awesome part. He took photos of our kids, including our biological kids, and added the text “I am unique. I am loved. I am His.” to each photo and then hung them under the pallet art. I put emojis over the girls’ faces to protect their privacy. 🙂


I love it so, so much! I still want to add the two girls we had as a respite placement. It’s really cool to think about what this wall might look like in a few years!

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