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We all want to be able to protect our things, and now you can have a Safe Space wherever you go with Master Lock! Whether you’re on the beach or at work or school, the Master Lock Safe Space can keep your valuable possessions safe!



I had the opportunity to try out the Master Lock Safe Space, and I jumped at the chance! We recently took a trip to the beach and it’s a vulnerable feeling to have pricey items just sitting at the bottom of your beach bag. The idea of a small but sturdy place to put my valuables is really appealing and that’s exactly what the Master Lock Safe Space is! It’s a small oval-shaped box, about the size of a small handbag, with a locking mechanism and a cable that can be used to attach the Safe Space to a stationery object. It’s a good size; not huge, but big enough to hold a small camera, smartphone, keys, and a few additional items that you would want to protect.



The instructions enclosed in the product box explain how to quickly get your Safe Space ready for use. You program in your selected security code and you’re ready to keep your items safe.


It can be used with or without the cable:  you could use it in a school or gym locker without or with the cable to lock it around a library chair on campus. Obviously the best use of the cable is to secure it to a truly stationery object, but if someone is trying to steal your Safe Space, they’re going to have to look really stupid while they do it, carrying a library chair or beach chair as they go. And good luck getting that cable off without knowing the combination!

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I would recommend this product to anyone who works in a building with lots of people and visitors; in my office (a school), we know that if you leave your cell phone sitting on your desk, you’re just asking for it to disappear and then reappear with 400 selfies of students on it. Middle school and high school students with lockers would really benefit from this product, as would college students. The Safe Space would also be a great thing to keep in your car’s glove box so that you can slip it into your handbag when you’ll be in a crowded place. It’s always a good idea to add another layer of protection to your valuable devices.

The Master Lock Safe Space is available at for $27.59 (with free shipping!). Pick one up today and start protecting your valuable items and photos!

Disclosure:  I received a complimentary Safe Space from Master Lock to facilitate this review. I was not paid for this post and I was not required to write a positive review.

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